Breast Augmentation With Lift

Breast Augmentation with Lift

Breast Augmentation with Lift AustinGravity is a miraculous thing, but if there’s one thing that women understand, it’s that it isn’t always on their side. Many women experience natural breast sagging with age, pregnancy, nursing, and weight loss/gain, and unfortunately, once this occurs the effects cannot be reversed by natural means.

Fortunately, there are surgical options available to help women get the look that they want, and one of the best solutions is a breast lift with augmentation. Combining both procedures into one surgical session reduces the expense of two individual procedures, and the time required for recovery. Plus, getting a breast lift with implants at the same time is more likely to render the desired results.

Getting a breast augmentation with lift can correct the following issues:

  • Asymmetrical breasts (due to changing shape)
  • Reduced breast volume
  • Loss of fullness at the top of the breasts
  • Sagging breasts

Many of these issues can occur with age as the ligaments and skin around the breasts become weaker. This degradation of internal support leads to physical changes in the breasts as outlined above.

How a Breast Augmentation with Lift Works

It is a misconception that simply enhancing the breasts with implants will fully restore them to a more youthful, perky appearance. While this is in part true, the combined procedure is required for the optimal results. Inserting the implant can improve the structure and fullness, but a lift is required to actually position the breasts higher on the chest to reduce sagging in most instances.

The positioning of the implant depends upon the patient’s body structure, but most often the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle prior to completing the lift procedure using a crescent or partial circumareolar incision. The lollipop incision is another technique that is used in circumstances where more extensive work may be required.

Breast Lift with Augmentation Recovery

Following your procedure, you should expect to experience some swelling and discomfort for up to 4 or 6 weeks, and you will have post-op drains for the first couple of days following surgery.

As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of side effect or complications. It is important to be aware of these as a patient, and to notify us if you experience any of the following problems:

  • Accumulation of fluid around the incision (seroma)
  • Infection
  • Bad scarring
  • Excessive pain
  • Unexpected bleeding

Information regarding recovery, risks, cost of breast augmentation with lift and other details will be discussed in greater detail at your free consultation.

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