Breast Implant Removal

Overtime, it's not uncommon to find that your physical preferences change, and the size of the implants that you had inserted previously may no longer fit your current lifestyle. This can lead women to remove their existing breast implants and exchange them for a different size (whether their current preference is to have bigger or smaller breasts). Occasionally, aging implants can require removal to upgrade them to current medical standards and construction preferences, or they may be removed due to complications. If you believe that breast implant removal may be the right choice for you, discuss your options with your plastic surgeon and educate yourself on the process.

Breast Implant Removal Procedure

The implant removal procedure is slightly less invasive than an initial breast enhancement procedure, if they are strictly being removed. However, many women will opt to have a breast lift or reconstruction at the same time, or have implants of a different size inserted. A simple implant removal procedure can often be completed under local anesthesia or light sedation like twilight anesthesia.

Your surgeon may also opt to complete a capsulectomy when the implants are removed, which involves removing the capsule of scar tissue that naturally forms around breast implants. If the capsule is not removed, then it's possible for fluid to gather in the remaining space, and this can lead to changes of breast shape and size over time.

The incision made to remove your breast implants is typically made in the same place as your original surgical incision. This reduces scarring, but the incision sites will still take about a week to heal.

Breast Implant Removal Recovery

You should reduce regular activity for a week following the procedure in order to allow the incision sites to heal, but the local anesthesia applied should help reduce any pain experienced though pain medication may be prescribed. Incisions should be kept clean and dry, and sun exposure should be avoided for 12 months.

Removing Your Breast Implants

If breast implant removal surgery is something you would like to explore, contact us at Personique so one of our experienced surgeons can help you explore your options.