Benelli Breast Lift

The Benelli Breast Lift is one of the least invasive breast enhancement procedures, which makes it popular with patients who hope to see minor changes in the shape and density of their breasts. Changes to the breasts can occur due to loss of skin elasticity that results with age, nursing, and weight gain or loss. The Benelli Breast Lift can help correct these issues, and is a procedure that works best on patients with smaller sized breasts.

What Is The Benelli Breast Lift Procedure?

The Benelli Breast Lift involves the removal of a doughnut-shaped piece of tissue around the areola. Occasionally, tissue is also taken from above the areola if additional lift is needed. The incisions are then sutured and result in a lifting effect that addresses sagging.

While this procedure can be completed in conjunction with the insertion of implants, or other breast enhancement procedures, patients find it appealing since it is less invasive but still generates positive results.

Recovering From The Benelli Breast Lift

As the Benelli Breast Lift is a surgical procedure, there are some things you should expect to experience during your recovery, including:

  • bruising
  • swelling
  • breast discoloration

Each of these symptoms are typically temporary, and will resolve once you've completed healing from the procedure.

One benefit of this procedure is that the recovery period is typically faster than a full breast lift. Generally, patients can return to work and simple, regular activities about a week after the procedure. However, it is recommended that you don't return to strenuous activities for approximately one month.

Breast Enhancement Procedures, Austin

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